Derp. Let’s play catchup!

Hi, friends!

Soooooo…sorry about the absence of the last two weeks. Highlights include:

Testing the HotHand USB Wireless Midi Controller:

This system consists of a “ring,” which is a wearable device that tracks its motion and position and transmits this data to the receiver (a USB connected to the computer). It took a bit of adjusting settings, but we were able to reliably use a hand motion to trigger cues in Qlab [as seen in the video below].

Because hand motions involve a combination of many different types of movement, so far it seems unlikely that in a performance setting we’ll be able to use different motions to trigger different cues like I did in the video. However, we programmed what seems to be a reliable way to trigger one cue–the HotHand Editor program (where you can tweak the transmission of x, y, z axis motion signals) can be controlled by MIDI, so we had MIDI cues before and after the motion cue enabling and muting the transmission of motion signals.

This was a big step forward in reliable use of technology in performance, so yay!

Testing the iCubeX:

We had some troubleshooting to do as we worked a little more with the iCubeX–we discovered (with some help with the very helpful support people at iCubeX) that you cannot run Connect and Link software at the same time, because they are different wasy of accessing the iCubex software.

The good news is, after we changed that, everything worked really well!

We used pressure sensors to trigger cues. The first method we tried was triggering a cue when the sensor was touched (which worked fine). We then configured it so that a video cue would continue playing as long as there was pressure on the sensor, but upon the removal of pressure, the cue would stop (as seen in the video below). This method took awhile to figure out, but worked both with MIDI note changes and velocity changes.


Those are the big discoveries, I think. I’ll try to be more on top of this as we finish the final three weeks (!!!) of research.

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1 Response to Derp. Let’s play catchup!

  1. Dave Raines says:

    One Ring to rule them all,
    One Ring to find them,
    One Ring to bring them all,
    and in the darkness bind them
    These technologies look cool and a lot of fun… except for the part of running into problems, calling tech support, reading the manual, etc. Still, a lot of fun to watch from a distance!

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